3D Printing

3D imaging can change the way we print and view imagery, whether it be a work of art or an eye-grabbing piece of marketing. Imagine a vivid image that you can feel, that is as rich in color as its textures. This is now a new possibility with the latest in textured printing, using the most recent advancements in 3D technology.

TideLine Design is excited to announce that we are working with a new, innovative process that can allow textured tactile printing. Using a combination of laser die cutting and UV four-color process printing, we can create unique, tangible images up to 60” x 120”, as well as large printed murals to can be attached together in pieces. Materials are currently available for 1/2 to 1.5 inches thick. 3D full-colored printing is an excellent and affordable solution for imagery that is guaranteed to impress for any situation.

Prehistoric dinosaurs, landscapes, animals, cities and more are brought to life using a new achievement in printing. All that is required is your imagination and our craftsmanship with results that can speak for themselves. Turn any flat image into a textured image and feel the difference for yourself!

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