Large Format Graphics

In the world of trade shows and retail environments, bigger is better.

We believe in utilizing big graphics to convey environment, message, mood and theme. However, our first approach to each project is to carefully consider the visual cohesiveness, graphic design, content placement and surrounding environment. Visuals, regardless of size, need to be visually and contextually appropriate for their setting. Tradeshow, roadside, vehicle and other, less “intimate” and closely held graphics must be easy to read and quick to comprehend.

Large format printing isn’t cheap, and it is the tendency to want to maximize this expensive space with as much content and verbiage as possible. Ironically, the more complicated the visual and/or wordier the content, the less that will be read and comprehended.

Our approach at TideLine Design is to first consider the goal and message, then how best to deliver that within the space provided. Gone is the novelty of large digital graphics, simply for the sake of being able to afford to print big. This means that you need to consider how best to utilize the processes and materials that are available, as opposed to simply printing large for printing large’s sake. 

By considering the goal first, and delivery of that goal second, we maximize effectiveness by grabbing eyeballs and converting glances to informed consumers. We assign the appropriate material and print process to accomplish that goal, in order to maximize your investment in the large format digital tradeshow graphics.

TideLine Design, Inc. has been working within the large format market for over 18 years and can custom tailor your campaign, message, brand, etc. to the process and material appropriate for your mission and deliverables. Wrapping your office, draping the side of your building, rebranding your exhibit? Please consider TideLIne Design as your first step in the process.

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