Tradeshow Services

Does this list sound familiar?

  • Fill out the forms
  • Order the services
  • Manage the vendors
  • Coordinate internally our messaging
  • Ship literature, exhibit, graphics, sales people
  • Set up and staff the exhibit
  • Report ROI after the show
  • Follow up on the leads

IT DOES TO US! Our talents don't stop with the physical building and supplying of your tradeshow exhibit. We are proud to also provide the following tradeshow services:

• Our staff is available for any design task you may need. Floor plans, Electrical Plans, Graphic and Exhibit Design, Multimedia presentations… you name it and we'll design it

• Managing the many mundane and complicated details involved with having a successful show can be time consuming and overwhelming! Put our many years of experience to use.

Install & Dismantle
• Having trouble finding competent union labor at the shows? We have many I&D contacts you may find useful. We can help coordinate all the union labor and even go as far as actually Supervising the set up and tear down while you sit in the hotel an relax!

• Not sure how to get your exhibit to the show on time and in one piece? We are!

• We have a large facility available for your exhibit properties. The service goes well beyond that! We also offer Inventory management and reporting, low cubic foot storage rates and your properties are always available for viewing.