Modular Trade Show Display

The Modular Display is an excellent, low cost, portable solution for exhibiting your products and services at Trade Shows. While the popup has become a commodity over the years it is still a viable solution for smaller venues. With proper attention to graphic design, content, and layout usage, the portable solution, dressed with large graphics, can be quite effective.

For those of you looking for a classier design, portability, and functionality; look into our new AIR and Crossover lines.  These lines add further functionality to your space by allowing monitors to be integrated into the backwall.  Combined with good graphic design, you can't help but stand out in the crowd.  The above sample is an AIR display with just such graphic sophistication.  The center banner design is integrated with the wings.  The wings have digital prints to the back of clear plex with vinyl lettering on the face of the plex.  The same treatment was used for the oval header.