Conference Room Displays

Our design, decorating, and building capabilities are not limited to tradeshows. Our skill sets align us perfectly to assist your company in creating spectacular meeting environments at your Corporate headquarters.

As interior designers, it’s our job make your customers feel welcome and impressed. Your meeting area is equally as important as the content of your meeting. Whether you are meeting with existing customers or courting new ones, your conference room should reflect how much you value them. It's simply not enough to just supply table and chairs.

We invite you to dedicate a portion of your budget toward the enhancement of your conference room.  A few smart color choices complimented by sophisticated graphical treatment can really make a difference. Consider TideLine Design, Inc. to add function and value to your products and services by designing inviting, informative conference and meeting rooms to help you better sell and educate your Customers.

Please take a moment to visit our "interiors" gallery and see how we've helped some of our clients with their conference rooms.