March 29 2016

BITwave is a high-tech R&D company specializing in the design and development of digital signal processing (DSP) products and DSP algorithms for real-time adaptive acoustic echo cancellation, multi-channel audio signal processing, speech recognition, microphone array, and more.

After years of exhibiting with bannerstand systems, BITwave was ready to invest in a more comprehensive exhibit system. Exhbiting message, brand, and product knowledge was at the top of their list of objectives. Their show schedules range from smaller 10x10 and 10x20 inline configurations and the occasional island space. As is often the case, TideLine Design’s challenge was balancing budget and time constraints with the client’s needs and expectations.

We decided to up level up BITwave’s exhibiting game utilizing our Medallion exhibit system: a high-end, USA made aluminum tube system that packs tight, has short setup times, and features the highest quality dye-sublimated fabric graphics on the market. The flat wall design allowed us to print both sides for those times that the back side of the wall would be visible, and also allows the client multiple configurations and to attend overlapping trade shows. We also utilized our FreeStyle counter system, which give us the ability to customize our displays to fit virtually any product size. This flexibility allowed us to design an inexpensive series of displays for BITwave to display all of their products. We designed a series of circular display cases that are enclosed to keep products secure. We also made a custom shelving system to display larger helmets that employ BITwave’s products.

"The team at TideLine understands how to maximize event presence through powerful exhibits. I have worked with them for several years and they have always exceeded my expectations. They provided us a display case solution that highlighted our products perfectly, while meeting a very quick turnaround time and a tight budget."
– Mykeah Kranzler, Marketing Communications Director

The Products
Trade show exhibit was built with our Medallion line. Click Here to check out some other Medallion exhibit ideas
Displays were built with our FreeStyle Counters. Click Here to check out some of our standard FreeStyle Counter designs.

Download the BITwave Case Study